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04 Feb
Klementz Audio & electronics Equipments

Nanopre / Nano Preamp by KLEMENTZ AUDIO

THIS IS AN OLD ARTICLE, OUR NEW DEDICATED PROJECT KLEMENTZ IS BORN AN NOW OFFERS D.I.Y. KITS AND AUDIO PRODUCT Discover some of the the KLEMENTZ AUDIO MACHINES below: Klementz audio – High quality electronics for sound system, studio and DJs THE NANOPREAMP : A Complete, All-in-One Dub Unit. Originally designed for Sound Systems, Reggae,..

18 Aug


The RDH Hi-Fi project was created by Clem and Simon, as they both wanted to get involved into the soundsystem movment, and participate to the promotion of the reggae music as well as its positivity and unity message. Both instruments players at a young age, RDH Sound is also playing home-made original dub productions and exclusive dubplates...

18 Aug
logo hif rdh sound


L’équipe RDH Electronics construit du matériel d’effet audio pour Soundsystems Reggae / Dub.  Nous pouvons réaliser presque tout ce que vous voulez, le son que vous cherchez, le design souhaité, tout est personalisable. Pour plus D’infos et pour les commandes, www.rdhelectronics.fr   We provides Audio Equipment For Reggae / Dub Soundsystems.  We can make nearly..