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a Du|experience

Who are we ?

Musicians from their youngest age and passionned about the sound-system movment, Clem & Simon created the RDH Hi-Fi project. Their selection allows the musical meeting of several styles that have marked the history of Reggae and Dub until Stepper/Electro/Bass Music experimental productions.

Then, to ensure to have all the skills needed to manage their system, they built themselves their equipment (effects, speakerboxes, preamplifier, amps …), calibrated to reproduce the ultra-low frequency of their music !

RDH Hi-Fi is rooted into continuing the sound-system movment by trying to keep a claimfull and positive message through the physical and spiritual vibrations of their sessions.

For more infos about reggae sound-systems : www.sound-system.fr


The launch of our label and the release of a first disc with Joseph Lalibela, early 2020, marks the start of the RDH Records history !

To buy the latest release, visit our store !

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